Rubbing shoulders.

intuMusic made another public appearance this past week at Brandeis University’s first Computer Science Networking and Career Fair. The event hosted more than 100 students and 28 employees, including companies such as IBM, TripAdvisor and Kayak.

Gil and Morgan giving an elevator pitch

The event, meant to connect students with companies in the tech industry, allowed intuMusic to do what it does best: the opposite. As student entrepreneurs, we were invited to present to both students and professionals. We started off the evening by showcasing intuMusic to the panel and the audience, sharing our ideas and our development process. The opportunity allowed intuMusic to get its name out amongst our peers, as well as provide a platform where we could collaborate and connect with big names in the industry. After bouncing more of our ideas and thoughts together, we’re excited about our next steps moving forward. In short? We said hello, made friends, and now want to keep in touch. Check back in to see what we’re doing next!

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