Bigger, better, faster, stronger.

No, not the Daft Punk or Kanye song. Yes, our new focus.

It’s been a busy 2014 and we’re excited about our growth! With two new additions to our team, there’s been a lot going on. Julian joins us as our music expert and sound engineer. Now that we have experts working on both the creative musical side and technical aspect, we’re one step closer to linking the two. Nicole has also joined our team in hopes of pioneering intuMusic’s marketing efforts. Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As we get deeper into the development process, we want to be sure that our brand is maximizing its utmost potential.

We’re also shifting gears and going full throttle. After a semester of getting on our feet we’re now ready to stand. We’ve talked about our ideas and have fleshed them out. Now? We need to turn those ideas into tangible products. As we speak, our engineers and designers are in the midst of exploring different ways this technology can be applied in real-life circumstances and getting their hands messy. Our hope is to create a platform that matches sound and motion, which can be used for different industries and buyers. We believe this project has a place in therapeutic practices, gaming consoles, and many other countless possibilities that are yet to be discovered.

With a bigger team and a bigger goal, we’re working better, faster, and stronger. Stay tuned!

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