What We Do

intuMusic challenges the way we understand the relationship between music and motion. We are creating a platform which will allow users to create music using body gestures. By using the latest technology within the sensor field, we are able to capture a user's movements and convert them into beautiful music.

Music and dance are amazingly powerful forms of self expression and we believe that our algorithms have a wide range of applications. We are working on developing an API that will allow DJs to create music, dancers to get in touch with their natural harmony, or therapists to better reach out to their patients.

Who We Are

Asaf Meir CEO, Cofounder

International student from Israel. Double major in computer science and economics. Decorated soldier. World traveler. Technology lover.

Gil Zamir Operations Director, Cofounder

Followed Asaf from Israel to Brandeis. Copied Asaf and studied computer science and economics as well. You got it - also a soldier and obsessed with tech.

Sam Goldberg Algorithm Designer

Raised outside Philadelphia. Double major in physics and economics. Obsessed with computer models. Characterizes the motion of beating flagella in different viscosity fluids.

Nicole Muther Marketing Manager

Raised across 7 different countries. Major in IR, Anth, and Business. Over-achiever. Advertising and marketing expert. Claims to have eaten a whole pizza once. Yeah right.

Alex Bardașu Software Engineer

International student from Romania. Computer science major. Fascinated by consciousness. Researches genetic algorithms and artificial life.

Morgan Fine Software Engineer

Raised in California. Major in computer science. Known for web development and mobile optimization. Rock climber. Talented pianist.

Julian Lenz Sound Engineer

Raised in Vermont. Won awards at Harvard and Dartmouth. Humble. Won 1st place in the MIT 2013 'Hackathon'. Very humble. Major in Electronic Production & Design. Gifted cellist.

Milestone Reached

The intumusic team been working day and night to accomplish its milestone before the academic year ended and we are proud to announce that the pipeline is complete!

The journey had many ups and downs and it all materialized a few days ago when we presented a demo of our MVP to the professor who's been with us all the way - Tim Hickey.

Prof. Tim Hickey test driving

We will be taking the summer as a time to recuperate and pursue our individual goals but plan to come back next year with a boom and continue making intumusic a reality.

A big Thank You! to all of our supporters out there, you are the greatest!

Bigger, better, faster, stronger.

No, not the Daft Punk or Kanye song. Yes, our new focus.

It’s been a busy 2014 and we’re excited about our growth! With two new additions to our team, there’s been a lot going on. Julian joins us as our music expert and sound engineer. Now that we have experts working on both the creative musical side and technical aspect, we’re one step closer to linking the two. Nicole has also joined our team in hopes of pioneering intuMusic’s marketing efforts. Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As we get deeper into the development process, we want to be sure that our brand is maximizing its utmost potential.

We’re also shifting gears and going full throttle. After a semester of getting on our feet we’re now ready to stand. We’ve talked about our ideas and have fleshed them out. Now? We need to turn those ideas into tangible products. As we speak, our engineers and designers are in the midst of exploring different ways this technology can be applied in real-life circumstances and getting their hands messy. Our hope is to create a platform that matches sound and motion, which can be used for different industries and buyers. We believe this project has a place in therapeutic practices, gaming consoles, and many other countless possibilities that are yet to be discovered.

With a bigger team and a bigger goal, we’re working better, faster, and stronger. Stay tuned!

Rubbing shoulders.

intuMusic made another public appearance this past week at Brandeis University’s first Computer Science Networking and Career Fair. The event hosted more than 100 students and 28 employees, including companies such as IBM, TripAdvisor and Kayak.

Gil and Morgan giving an elevator pitch

The event, meant to connect students with companies in the tech industry, allowed intuMusic to do what it does best: the opposite. As student entrepreneurs, we were invited to present to both students and professionals. We started off the evening by showcasing intuMusic to the panel and the audience, sharing our ideas and our development process. The opportunity allowed intuMusic to get its name out amongst our peers, as well as provide a platform where we could collaborate and connect with big names in the industry. After bouncing more of our ideas and thoughts together, we’re excited about our next steps moving forward. In short? We said hello, made friends, and now want to keep in touch. Check back in to see what we’re doing next!

Our first hello.

A few months ago, Asaf presented the project at an entrepreneurial club meeting at Brandeis. The event, co-hosted by Brandeis Entrepreneurial Club, International Business School, Hiatt Career Center, and others, had a great turnout and an audience eager and interested in student startups. The feedback and energy at the event was great, and everyone was interested in the potentials of the product.
Asaf Meir We're extremely excited to be able to continue to spread the word about intuMusic. Seeing the crowd so responsive to our project is great encouragement and an awesome reminder of what we're working towards.